NBC Nightly News showcases the wedding of Josue and Debbie Barron on National broadcast
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National Public Radio
talks about The DAY remembered! Gloria Hillard talks with Coach Soto and others who were in The Day remembered in a national radio show on August 8,2011
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An Afghan Hell on Earth for "Darkhorse" Marines
NPR Radio report about the Boys of 3/5 including Josue Barron and Marcus "Chilly" Chischilly who are also on The DAY remembered
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The DAY remembered
This 89 minute documentary features US Marines who were wounded in battle. You will hear the heroic trials and tribulations that they and their families experienced while at war. Join them on their journeys as they heal through the process of recovery. 100% of video proceeds go directly to
the Wounded Warriors.

The DVD has received rave reviews from those who have watched it. The most compelling comments deal with the frank and open recounts of what happened the day each was injured serving our country. These brave men and their families talk candidly without any rehearsals
or retakes. It was never our intention to over dramatize reality.

Please buy a copy and prepare yourself to watch and listen to stories that rarely are told.

The Day DVD

         3/5 book   

Dear 3/5 family and military support friends,

We might offer this special downloadable book as a FREE memorial gift to all of you. This book was painstakingly manufactured as a Christmas gift from a loving mother to her US Marine, 3/5 LIMA son. When the book was first designed it included the letters that the mother and her son exchanged during this horrific, yet heroic deployment. The letters were removed because of privacy (the wounds still run deep). However, what you will find is a daily historical account of the day-to-day stresses and success the 3/5 battalion received during its Sangin deployment. The story is told by chronological public command announcements, and daily written news reports. The book also includes an acknowledgement letter from Gold Star mother, Patty Schumacher (Mother to KIA Lcpl. Victor Dew) and Mark “Coach” Soto (Father to three military men. One was a 3/5 Marine). Together these two parents started the well-known Facebook page, “The Boys of 3/5”


God bless all of you for your support. If you wish to donate towards the benefit of the wounded from this battalion please feel free to donate below.

Your Friend,